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• Think Big

• Talk Big


The world today is distracted, disorganized – JUMPY!

If you want to make your mark You have to be BOLD,
and position YOUR organization for growth – NOT just survival.

It’s a DIGITALLY-DRIVEN WORLD, like it or not. Those are the facts and you need to address them.
Digital is not the only thing, but it’s vital. You have to be digitally savvy if you want to remain relevant.

I Am Julie Friend

I have developed the resources, the overarching capabilities, the complete strategy/execution/follow-up, needed to successfully compete.  You can have great design, sophisticated platforms for digital success and real-world domination.

My company, eFriend Marketing can handle everything from research to implementation, the only thing you need to do is believe so you can Be BIGGER!

About Me

I am an enthusiast – highly creative and organized with skills and resources focused on marketing success. And, I believe that my clients and I need to think big, plan big, and work hard to BE BIGGER!

My fundamental qualities are: endless curiosity, an open mind, and the ability to use my extensive experience to lead effective collaborative efforts with associates and clients.

Yes, I AM a bold thinker! That is what creates the opportunity to BE BIGGER!

“It’s Not Work, It’s My Passion”


What I DO


People are attracted to energy, excitement and smart thinking.  They want bold and motivating thinking – for themselves and their organizations.

Those are the currency of my business.

The public today is stressed.   The biggest job for business is to transform the environment for customers.

Want to BE BIGGER?

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